UX/UI Testing Agile Methodology

UI/UX Mobile

Tool: VersionOne Agile Project Management
UX/UI: Organize Software User Testing
Use: Game Development at Funtank, New York, Project Planning and Tracking

UI/UX game design & development workflow implementing the Agile Project Management methodology. Agile workflow incorporates UI/UX testing with ideas, collaboration, stories, roadmaps, iterations, releases, defects, testing and reporting.

Stories are the UI/UI storyboards. Roadmaps are the UI/UX wireframes. User testing is done to catch defects and bugs then report and track issues for fixing in the next iteration release.

Agile supported all phases of UI/UX planning, scheduling, collaborating, tracking and reporting for projects, releases, iterations, epics, stories, defects, tasks, tests, teams and team members.

Whiteboard and team collaboration like FigJam, Miro and Invision.

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