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Today Danii works on creating videos for billboards, banners, commercials, promos, social media Reels, Tik Tok, Twitch, Youtube and video portions of podcast shows.

Danii is currently working on feature length industry specific documentary that looks inside the world of Women in Beer.

Danii's process of content creation can either begin with ideation before filming or filming life, work, an event then editing with their storytelling skills afterwards. Their process includes attention to the details of establishing shots, capturing B-roll, talking heads and clear audio as important features to crafting 15 sec to 15 minute videos.

Danii's background in video began with the web capable software of Flash and the dynamic editing softwares of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. Danii has edited small projects for both traditional and web distribution. Danii has interned with 75 Films in New York City and with K ProCut in Washington DC. Danii's work experience includes editing various video clips for the Air Force's Civilian Service recruitment kiosks while at the Marcom Group, using Final Cut Pro in order to optimize the videos for better web distribution via Flash Client playback paying attention to details such as audio and visual syncing with appropriate transitions. Danii has also worked with the various modern codecs for HTML 5 video distribution and creating content for Youtube subscribers.

While at Dynamic Logic a Millward Brown Company, Danii created a fully dynamic inVideo Flash Survey targeted at capturing audience feedback while fully engaged in the web's most captivating information distribution format at the time.

The survey was built utilizing ActionScript3.0 along with XML, PHP and CSS. The survey loaded data dynamically at runtime within a parent Flash video player, pausing the video for the time of the survey and continuing upon its close. Danii has also created video material within Flash from video clips, images, sound bites and audio files setting text animations in to play with perfect synchronization and adding interactive features. Before the death of Flash, Danii had been working on personal Motion Capture (MoCap) projects which included "choose your own adventure" media and physical interaction utilizing the Xbox Kinect Sensor and the Adobe Flash and Air software.

If you don't remember those days here are some examples from guys who were smart enough to publish their tests to the internet while Danii was worried about perfections and final product before loosing their entire hard drive with note, code and .SWF files over a dozen years ago.

John Stejskal's Work

Noah Gedrich & Yosef Flomin with the exception that Danii did not use Node.js only ActionScript 3

All in all Danii has been extremely focused on building multimedia experiences that told stories and involved a high level of user interaction. After applying to the only graduate program that came close to diving into Interaction Design at UCLA and being rejected Danii continued on with a self taught curriculum until discovering ITP Camp at NYU Tisch and completing Graduate Certification in 3D Motion Graphics at NYU as well. No program has helped Danii stay ahead of emerging technologies greater that their own self taught study and passion video and interaction design.

Sadly Danii does not have a sugar daddy who and buy them their own Meta Quest Pro or Hololens 2 at the current $1500 - $5,200 price point.

Hey, Danii's got kids and they come first.

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