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The user interface application to capture user selfies in real time and display their image on the Time Squire Disney jumbotron billboard.

Digital OOH Creative Design. Interactive and Video billboards.

Developer: Danii Oliver
Brand: Disney Pixar
Client: Grand Visual
Product: Interactive Billboard, Digital Out Of Home advertisement
Location: Times Square, NYC

Challenge: Create two point five applications, controllers and display, for an interactive movie launch campaign in Times Square displayed on the Disney Store jumbotron. The jumbotron billboard was the display which was fed content from two (2) different  controllers. Controller one was a tablet application that took a photograph of a user that then assigned an emotion to the user's facial expression in real time. Controller two allowed for selfies posted directly to twitter from any device to be displayed on the billboard with an emotion character assigned.

Target: To raise awareness of the film's release and get passers by on the street level to engage with the billboard in order to feel a connection to the film and commit to seeing it on primer night.

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